From Other Suns Open Beta Weekend! September 29th-October 1st!


We're excited to announce that From Other Suns will be running an Open Beta Weekend starting Friday! You can download the beta starting at 10am PST September 29th exclusively on the Oculus Store.

We've got a discord channel set up for players to talk with the devs, ask questions, set-up multiplayer sessions with other players and leave feedback! 

Join us on Discord here:

As always, you can follow us on twitter: @gunfire_games  or on Facebook: @gunfiregames



From Other Suns

We're back after an exciting week at GDC showing off our latest game; From Other Suns!  So far the impressions from the press have been glowing!  Here's some of the latest press about the game's reveal!


"The new VR title from Gunfire Games From Other Suns, was described to me as the 3D (and VR) version of Subet Games’ 2012 title FTL, which had you manage a spaceship as it endured events such as alien invasions and constant maintenance on its spacefaring trip. I didn’t get to see the many similarities (although I was told about them), but From Other Suns impressed me in another way--through its shooting experience." -  Tom's Hardware

"From Other Suns is a huge, open-universe space adventure game with countless procedurally generated environments to explore." - Engadget

"Once they got too close I switched to the shotgun and blasted their heads off. It felt extremely satisfying, especially with full locomotion." - UploadVR

"The pace of From Other Suns is a little slower and more deliberate than some VR FPS games out there, but that’s intentional. Not only because one mistake could cost you the irreversible death of a critical crew member, but because the game—though thematically sci-fi—plays much like a dungeon crawler." - Road to VR

Chronos: Game Informer's VR Game of the Year!

"Few VR launch titles rose above the rank of glorified tech demo, which is why we were so impressed with Chronos. Gunfire Games concocted a clever blend of Zelda and Dark Souls that would've been impressive in its own right, but the expert implementation of virtual reality transformed Chronos into a uniquely immersive dungeon crawl. Chronos is a great early blueprint for what VR games should be." - Game Informer

Read the full article here:

Dead and Buried Now Available!

We're excited to announce Dead and Buried is now available on the Oculus Rift.  We've been working hard with the Oculus Dev Studio to bring this game to life!  For more info check out our Dead and Buried page!

"You honestly feel like a skilled marksman when you’re able to bait your opponent into showing his face just to blast it into the after, after-life with a well timed shot. Being required to physically hide from opposing fire also makes defense feel more immersive in this game than in any traditional 2D shooter." - UploadVR

More Chronos Reviews!

Chronos reviews have been slowly trickling in over the last few weeks, and some of the heavy hitters have finally weighed in on it!  We're sitting at a solid 81 on Metacritic

Here's some new choice quotes with links to the full reviews!

"I still can't believe Gunfire Games completed Chronos in time for launch of Oculus. It's an engaging game that took me about 20 hours to finish. It travels to far lands, features challenging bosses, and does an impressive job of showing that, even from a third-person perspective, games in VR can transport you to another world. Chronos made a believer out of me, and I can't wait to see what this studio does next." - Game Informer

"Fighting my way through that labyrinth kept me enraptured for 15 hours, and by the end all I really wanted was more. Chronos keeps things intentionally tight, with only a few weapons to find and upgrade and very little in the way of NPCs to interact with, but it’s still the longest, meatiest game made for VR that I’ve played. By the end I still enjoyed its combat and exploration, but yearned for a bolder, more complex RPG in the exact same vein. It’s a rare thing for me to be halfway through a game and already excited to play a sequel." - PC Gamer

"It’d be worth playing regardless of the hardware it’s tied to, but the sense of presence the Oculus Rift allows you to have inside of Chronos’ varied dimensions is something I definitely recommend you feel for yourself." - IGN

"It's a highly-rewarding game that proves you can leverage VR to enhance traditional games, but Chronos doesn't use it as a crutch; it stands tall all on its own." - Gamespot

Chronos Reviews incoming!

About 3 weeks ago we released Chronos for the Oculus Rift, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive!  Here's a sample of what critics are saying about Chronos!

"Chronos is an Oculus Rift exclusive that depends more on solid, traditional gameplay than experimenting with virtual reality to put new twists on an action RPG. To survive, you need to excel at patient, calculated combat with major consequences littered between multi-faceted, Zelda-style puzzles. And while it could comfortably exist without VR, there’s nothing quite like a front-row seat to a giant cyclops fight, and that new perspective gives Chronos another edge." - IGN

"What does virtual reality do for a game that doesn’t need to be played in VR at all? That’s the question I’ve been asking about Chronos, one of the best games on the Oculus Rift. Chronos is a gorgeous third-person action game that fits well in the Rift, using VR to turn players’ worlds into a series of tiny imaginary landscapes. If a good game can eventually make you forget the outside world, Chronos is even more engrossing, focusing you entirely on a puzzle or boss fight." - The Verge

"Chronos is a genuinely compelling videogame that sets a high standard for Gunfire Games to follow with their next VR project." - VRFocus

"Playing Chronos is a pain that hurts so good, and it’s easy to see how this game will appeal to Oculus’ target audience: serious gamers looking for a new and interesting challenge." - Road to VR

Happy 2016! We're hiring!

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Gunfire Games. We'll be releasing Chronos for the Oculus Rift in just a few short months and we're ramping up on some super secret, super cool projects.

Additionally, we're excited to announce that we're looking to expand our team!  We've added a careers section to our site.  If you're interested in joining our awesome team be sure to check out our careers page for more details!

Job Postings updated for October 19th!!

We are currently looking for the following positions:

Contract QA Tester

All the stuff that makes Gunfire Games a great place to work still applies, but let's recap!

- Creative Indie studio (Check)
- Located in beautiful Austin, TX (Check)
- Cool projects (Check)
- Profit Sharing (Check)
- Giant stuffed Tazmanian Devil (Check)

If you are awesome at what you do - or you plan to be awesome one day, then drop us a line. If you don't see your desired position right now, send your resume and portfolio anyways!  We are always looking for quality developers of any discipline.

Must be currently eligible to work in the United States.

Send Resumes and Portfolios to: