Step into a world full of gunslingers and ghosts in Dead and Buried. Grab your Touch controllers and become the best gunslinger in the wild west in this multiplayer action shooter. Battle it out in the old saloon. Rob a runaway train. Team up with other bandits and defend against hordes of ghastly creatures. Finally, you can live out your wild west fantasies thanks to virtual reality. We teamed up with Oculus Studios to deliver this one of a kind VR experience! Offering 5 unique game play modes!

  • Shootout – Test your aim against online opponents in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2! Utilize six-shooters, dynamite, rifles and more to take out the other team!

  • Quickdraw – Prove you’re the fastest draw in the west!  1 vs. 1 for 4 players!

  • Horde – Battle waves of creatures with your friends in 4-player coop mode! Defeat bosses that require planning and different strategies to defeat!

  • Robbery – Play the cops or the robbers!  Push the bad guys back and jail them or push the good guys back and steal the loot! 

  • Target Range – Improve your gunslinger skills and go for the high score! 

Platform: PC/Oculus

Available Exclusively through the Oculus Home Store


DEAD AND BURIED is available now!