From Other Suns

We're back after an exciting week at GDC showing off our latest game; From Other Suns!  So far the impressions from the press have been glowing!  Here's some of the latest press about the game's reveal!


"The new VR title from Gunfire Games From Other Suns, was described to me as the 3D (and VR) version of Subet Games’ 2012 title FTL, which had you manage a spaceship as it endured events such as alien invasions and constant maintenance on its spacefaring trip. I didn’t get to see the many similarities (although I was told about them), but From Other Suns impressed me in another way--through its shooting experience." -  Tom's Hardware

"From Other Suns is a huge, open-universe space adventure game with countless procedurally generated environments to explore." - Engadget

"Once they got too close I switched to the shotgun and blasted their heads off. It felt extremely satisfying, especially with full locomotion." - UploadVR

"The pace of From Other Suns is a little slower and more deliberate than some VR FPS games out there, but that’s intentional. Not only because one mistake could cost you the irreversible death of a critical crew member, but because the game—though thematically sci-fi—plays much like a dungeon crawler." - Road to VR