Remnant: From the Ashes FAQ

Is Remnant online only?

- Remnant can be played offline solo or up to 3 player co-op online!

What platforms can I play Remnant on?

- PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Is there a physical edition of the game available?

- Remnant is currently only slated for Digital release.

Can I create my own character?

- Yes, there is a character creator.

When does Remnant come out?

- August 20th, 2019.

Where can I pre-order Remnant?


Remnant: From the Ashes | Available 2019

Remnant: From the Ashes is an all-new survival action shooter from Gunfire Games, available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019.

What do I get for Pre-Ordering the Game?

- Pre-Ordering the game will net you 3 exclusive armor skins, and a survivor pack of items.

Is this a shooter looter or as the kids call it, a “sh-looter”?

- We designed Remnant loot to be more meaningful, you won’t be churning through similar guns, searching for better stats.  Instead weapons are unique, and you upgrade those by crafting and slotting mods onto them.

Are there Micro Transactions, Pay to Win items or DLC in this game?

- There are no micro transactions in the game.  However, we look to support the game post launch with meaningful DLC.

I hear this is randomly generated, Is there a narrative?

- Playing through campaign mode will take you through major story beats, but the elements between those points are randomized. This extends to bosses you will fight, NPCs you’ll encounter and items you’ll find. So, while the main story stays the same, the journey through will feel different each time you play!

Are there Character Classes?

- There are 3 starting archetypes to choose from in Remnant, however their weapons, armor and traits can be acquired by any character eventually.

What’s the End Game content or NG+ options?

- At any point in the campaign you can re-generate your world and start over.  Doing so will allow you to carry over all your upgrades, weapons, armor and items. Post release, we are looking to add more game mode options.

Is there PVP in the game?

- At launch, there is no PVP option.  If the demand is there, we can look into it post launch.

Does Remnant support cross-play?

- At launch there is no cross-play support.  Post launch, it is something we can look into.

Is there match making? What are my online/offline options?

- You can start your own game, set it to offline, friends only or public.  Alternately, once you’ve completed the tutorial you can take your character into a friends game or join a public game.

How do the pre-order skins work?

- The pre-order skins are alternate visuals of the 3 starting archetype armors and can only be applied to those armor sets.

Is there a ‘hide helm’ option?

- Not currently. Post launch, it is something we can look into.

I have a technical problem or concern, who do I contact?

- For all Technical Support with Remnant: From the Ashes, please visit or email

Will I get VIP access for Remnant on PlayStation 4 if I pre-order?

When will VIP access begin for Xbox/Steam?

- Steam and Xbox VIP Access should start at 12:01AM EST August 16th